UI Design

The UI in our designs stands for „Uiii!“ 💙

UI designs that move themselves and others

There are many user interfaces out there, but only a few that make you go "Uiii!". Fortunately, we know from almost 20 years of experience what the ingredients are for inspiring user interfaces. Of course, we won't reveal all of them, but this much: it's about presenting exactly the right information at exactly the right time in exactly the right amount. That's why you won't get static screen designs from us, but only dynamic flows that literally pull users along. Because we believe that only a moving UI can move.

Automotive and Mobility

Automotive HMI Prototyp

Together with Veecle, we developed and designed an automotive HMI prototype with real-time data connection to the vehicle.


Awardwinning UI for laboratories

We have developed a user- centered UI for laboratories that supports the user and minimizes critical human errors.


SEW Eurodrive – Digital Twin

With our award-winning 3D Smart Factory for SEW, you can digitally personalize and track your orders.


App for digital collection of questionnaires

A UI concept and prototype to facilitate quality management in everyday clinical practice.

Automotive and Mobility

Digital car sharing made easy

The first truly digital car sharing. A personalizable HMI that feels as if it were your own car.


Multi-award-winning scalable design

Process reliability and efficiency in a multi-award-winning scalable design for medical laboratories.

You can't spell UI without the You & I 💙

Whether laboratory machines, 3D simulations, dashboards, chatbots or consumer apps: our UI designs make the difference. For market leaders who want to stay that way, as well as for start-ups who want to become one.

What do you want to become with us?